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Internal Corporate Communications Apps

Automate compliance practices and publish corporate documents to all staff or selected groups, building a library of key documents and videos on their mobiles for all your corporate communications needs.

Internal Comms Clients benefitting from YUDU technology


App-based channels for business communication

Staff e-mail inboxes are often overloaded and anything sent is frequently lost if not flagged or filed immediately. Mobile corporate communication apps, by contrast, ensure documents you send are automatically filed in the correct category for easy retrieval and therefore never lost.

Stats will tell you if documents have been read and the various interactions that users have taken. A compliance widget can be added which can log centrally that the staff member has read and accepted the content. Staff only have access to the up to date version unlike email which is insecure and cluttered with old versions.

YUDU developed this system for internal communication professionals to deliver messages to staff on their mobile and office devices. The app builds into a library of useful and specific content for groups within the organisation making it a valuable instantly accessible resource and increasing employee engagement. In-app messaging with direct feedback from the end-users gives new options to management and communications teams.



Publish directly to the app with full access control

Publish content such as newsletters, videos, product data, health and safety information, training materials or compliance documents to your app, with organisation features like categories and full search capability. Customisable push notifications alert staff to the new document which can be viewed on and offline

The app’s easy-to-use permission management system also allows you to control who can access the documents, allowing you to ensure only certain departments or levels of seniority have access to documents.



Make documents readable on phones

Digitize company documents within the app in an optimized and reflowable format when it detects the user is accessing the content on a smart phone or tablet. No more annoying pinching and zooming as the font size adjusts to the screen size.



Direct, two-way internal communication with staff

Get direct feedback from staff: test reactions to a change in company policy, or confirm their attendance to a company function, for example, without having to sort through email replies. This is a very versatile corporate communication tool that allows comms teams to construct any question to all or to specific groups.

Pick a group and send a message just for them by in-app message, SMS or email from the Broadcast Centre. Instant polling gets you the feedback when you need it and the results are graphically displayed. Never before has an organisation had such simple and fast tools to get opinions and feedback.



An app-based staff directory

Linked to the HR database or separately maintained, the app can be set to display the up-to-date directory on user devices allowing them to dial, SMS or email colleagues directly from the phone. With security as part of the architecture access to the app can be denied by the company at any stage.