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Beautiful Online Brochures and Marketing Collateral

Create stunning online HTML brochures to generate traffic on mobiles & desktops

Increase your distribution by using an online brochure as part of a multi-channel campaign

Available in all modern web browsers, with apps available for iOS, Android, Windows

Save print and distribution costs

With a full print replica of your printed brochure, provide any customer with an easy to use alternative to a print brochure and easily integrate automatic sending to your customers on request.


Drive traffic and increase sales

Add a rich print-like experience, encouraging browsing through your products, increasing your brand awareness with custom design, and maintain familiarity for those customers who prefer a print-like interface.


Automatic links to e-commerce

With a simple CSV upload of your product information, you can automatically link your original print PDF source file to all your e-commerce pages quickly and easily. Add a touch of interactivity with on-page overlays with 360-degree views of your products, or video and audio to demonstrate product usage and advertisements.


Statistics and Intelligence

With a fully featured built-in statistics system, we have you covered with information on how your readers are viewing your content across multiple platforms. Add Google Analytics support in a few seconds to see all your digital edition data centrally

Brochure clients benefiting from YUDU technology