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Fixed Or Fluid Layout. Read The Way You Want.

With flexible reading formats, YUDU's technology bridges the gap between traditional and web media, delivering high quality formats for your readers, either on the web, or in dedicated apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Read in either mode whilst reading for maximum flexibility.


Fixed layout

For print-like experiences, where the page should be replicated exactly, PageTiler is YUDU's best-in-class browser-reader platform. Released in 2015 and built in HTML/JavaScript, it is a truly modern, Flash-free reader. Secure and dependable, it allows individuals, publishers, organizations and more to publish digital editions to the browser knowing that their content will be readable across all devices, from smartphones and tablets to desktops.

Fluid, responsive layout

PhoneView is a YUDU Publisher feature for enhancing reading experiences for smaller mobile devices like phones or tablets. Working across both on web and in our apps, it adapts fluidly to the device's width for the best reading experience on those devices.


A range of enhancement options

When used in tandem with our YUDU Publisher content delivery system, you can enhance your content with video, audio, animations or interactivity, and deploy to fixed layout, fluid layout or both. Automatically set which mode will load on device types for the best reading preference - fluid layout for smart phones, fixed layout for desktops (or tablets).


Distribution with a single link

Content is published to a single URL, allowing for ease of distribution, especially on social media channels. Combined with its cross-platform nature, YUDU's reading formats are an ideal platform for disseminating content to large web-based audiences.