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What sets YUDU technology apart?

Since our foundation in 2007, YUDU has developed a variety of technology to help publishers, corporations, educators and organizations engage with their audiences digitally.

At the core of YUDU technology is our SaaS publishing platform, YUDU Publisher®. Publisher allows publishers, educators, organizations and corporations to publish enhanced PDF content, multimedia and interactive content to class-leading branded apps and as web-based documents.

Publisher also provides a comprehensive range of technology across related areas that have been developed over the years, including subscription management and fulfilment house integration for magazine and book publishers, internal and Google Analytics to monitor levels of audience engagement and a suite of specific functionality designed for catalog publishers collectively called “SmartCat”.

Collectively, these and the Publisher’s other pieces of functionality combine to create a publishing platform suitable for anyone with an audience they need to engage with, from small regional magazines to the corporate training departments of large corporations.

To ensure excellent performance on all devices, our apps are built natively for iOS, Android and Windows. When publishing to a browser the software uses a sophisticated system called PageTiler, which progressively renders converted PDF content on the fly for optimum responsivity.

We are committed to continually developing our suite of products and services and, as a part of this, we maintain an internal development team to handle changes to core code, as well as develop bespoke projects requested by our clients. Our development team also regularly roll out updates and new features, so being a YUDU client means getting access to a platform and products that are constantly improving.