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UNEP Go Digital For GEO-6 Youth Report To Encourage Environmental Empowerment

COVID-19 furthers need for digital publication and communication.


Friday 19th February 2021

The image of a schoolgirl on a Swedish summer’s day, holding a sign stating ‘School Strike for Climate Change’ outside parliament reminds us global warming and sustainability have soared to the top of our global political agenda.

We’re losing our rainforests at a rate of one football pitch every two seconds. We must act fast. The Covid-19 pandemic furthers the need for digital publication and communication, in order to promote environmental behavioral change amongst young people.

In aid of the current (and increasingly scary) state of our planet, the UN have pushed for paperless when it comes to publishing their GEO-6 Report for Youth, with the help of YUDU Publisher’s document management technologies.

This means thankfully, you don’t have to be Greta Thunberg or David Attenborough to educate yourself about the environment.

GEO-6 will enable young people to have their voices heard when it comes to sustainability, encourage them to make daily sustainable decisions and to consider green, sustainable career paths. The report aims to inspire transformative change and to empower involvement in decision-making, on a local, regional and global basis.

Pierre Boileau, GEO Head said:

"Digital publications are now more important than ever for ensuring the environmental sustainability of UNEP’s products. With COVID-19 keeping us at home, it is still important to stay informed about how our actions and lifestyles continue to affect the environment, both positively and negatively.

Gi GEO-6 for Youth is a new e-publication to guide youth on how to help in the global movement to build back better, inspire social mobilization, and ultimately, put the planet on a more environmentally sustainable course. This report offers an interactive, digital alternative to traditional print publications enhancing global accessibility, to engage young people through dynamic graphics and videos.”

YUDU joins the UN’s mission to prevent any wasted paper caused by printing and distributing the GEO-6 report, which will save trees lives. UNEP’s decision to host the report digitally will also help prevent pollution and fuel costs by limiting shipping and freight.

YUDU’s system provides a single URL to distribute the report across websites, email and social media. YUDU Publisher has warranted the enhancement of GEO-6, featuring overlay content like video, audio, imagery and animation. YUDU have embellished the report with bright colours, interactive elements and a vibrant design to make it a fun and inspiring document for young people to learn from.

Users are able to search the GEO-6 report using specific keywords and a historical archive, to find exactly what they’re looking for. Multi-platform access means GEO-6 will become accessible on multiple devices, widening the opportunity for young people to embrace sustainable living. All of the above technologies can be easily applied to any business documentation.

YUDU CEO, Richard Stephenson, said:

"GEO-6 is using the very best digital techniques to engage the younger generations around the world. The UNEP message is powerful and fostering a vital youth-led awareness of the importance of protecting the life on our planet. Digital is the only way to effectively reach this audience and keep true to the message of sustainability.

Of equal importance to the excellent content is the simplicity of navigation and ensuring the experience will suit all levels of digital competence. Effective communication requires easy access, engaging content and a simple user experience. The YUDU platform’s interactive and distribution features make all this possible."

GEO-6 for Youth will act as a one-stop-shop for young people to understand the state of the environment, inspire them to make transformative change, make daily sustainable decisions and advise them on sustainable career choices for the future. The digital delivery of the GEO-6 document will save wasted paper (and our trees), prevent pollution caused by manual distribution and shipping and provide education and accessibility for young people.

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