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YUDU Publisher

Digital Catalogue Software Features

Discover how YUDU Publisher lets you create digital catalogues to increase sales with improved reach, enhanced engagement, and performance tracking.

YUDU Publisher empowers you with tools to transform your print or PDF into a cutting-edge digital catalogue. Create a online catalogue to increase reach, capture customer attention, engage them in new ways, and drive them to purchase products direct from your catalogue.

Take your marketing and sales capabilities to all new levels with a digital catalogue that includes:



Web Browser Access

Prospective customers can access your digital catalogue using any modern web browser - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera.


Multi-Device Access

Your online catalog is accessible using any smartphone, tablet, or desktop device with data or internet connectivity.


App-Based Access

Create a digital catalogue app for iOS or Android, giving customers another way to access and purchase your products.


Content Delivery Networks

We use content display networks to deliver rapid web and app access to your digital catalog. Even during traffic spikes or malicious DDoS attacks.



Plain Text Version

YUDU Publisher can automatically extract a plain text version of your e-catalogue, which you can edit to become AAA WCAG 1.0 accessible.


Screen Reader Compatibility

Make your catalogue accessible to those with visual impairments thanks to compatibility with certain screen readers.


Easily Change Text Size

Our PhoneView feature allows customers to easily adjust text size in your digital catalogue to deliver improved readability.


Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

Give customers with visual and motor impairments the ability to navigate your online catalogue using keyboard shortcuts.



Advert Free By Default

YUDU Publisher is an advert-free platform by default. The only adverts in your catalogue will be those you choose to include yourself.



Built-in Analytics

Track and measure the performance of your digital catalogue and associated marketing campaigns with built-in analytics.


Google Analytics Integration

Extend the power of Google Analytics to your digital catalogue to measure countless performance metrics to improve marketing.



Fully Brand Your Publication

Fully customise your online catalogue branding and the YUDU platform to match your existing brand guidelines.


Custom Domain Hosting

Host your digital catalog on any domain or subdomain of choice while continuing to deliver the full functionality of our platform.

Catalog App


iOS & Android Compatible

Create an iOS and Android app to deliver app-based access to your digital catalogue on all modern Apple and Android smartphones.


Include Product Order Forms

Integrate product order forms, giving customers the power to complete catalogue orders direct from your mobile app.


App Push Notifications

Alert customers to new catalogues and campaigns with mobile push notifications delivered direct to their device.


Offline Catalogue Access

Give customers access to your digital catalogue without the need for an internet connection, thanks to offline access.


Push New Catalogues

Use mobile push functionality to deliver new or updated catalogues direct to customers instantly upon publication.


Create a Company Microsite

Turn your app into a microsite and give customers access to all your content with links to your catalogs, websites, blogs & more.



Fixed-Layout Print Reproducation

Recreate your print catalogue design in a digital format with fixed-layout print reproduction, maintaining the look and feel across mediums.


Responsive Design with Reflowable HTML 5

Ensure your digital catalogue looks great on any device with reflowable HTML-5 to reshape your content design according to screen size.


Mobile-First Design with PhoneView

Deliver customers an amazing mobile experience with a version of your digital catalogue designed exclusively for smartphones and tablets.



Built-in Shopping Cart

Give customers the power to make purchases direct from your digital catalogue by adding shopping cart functionality.


Add Product Order Forms

Drive sales direct from your online catalogue with a product order form. Embed an existing form via iframe, or build your own.


Collect Leads & Subscribers

Add pop-up forms to your catalogue to capture new leads, or allow customers to subscribe to a mailing list for future releases.



Search Engine Friendly Content

Create a new traffic channel by allowing your digital catalogues to be indexed by major search engines - Google, Bing, Yahoo.


Regular Crawls by Search Engine Spiders

The YUDU Publisher platform is crawled up to 200,000 times a day, meaning your new content makes it into search engines faster.

Overlay Editor


Content Hyperlinking

Let customers easily navigate your e-catalog, find additional product details, or complete their purchase on your site with content hyperlinking.


Embed Interactive Content

Enhance engagement with interactive product displays and descriptions like 360-degree product views and videos embedded via iframes.


Include Content Pop-ups

Focus attention on products with pop-ups using our catalogue software to add engaging content that can include text, images, video, and more.


SKU Linking (Smartcat)

Drive sales using SKU hyperlinks to direct customers to your e-commerce with our proprietary Smartcat software.


Embed Video Content

Engage customers with product videos hosted locally or streamed direct from YouTube and Vimeo via an embed.


Content Highlighting

Draw attention to key products and CTAs with content highlighting. Allowing you to add a colour overlay to text and image content.



Advanced Search

Give customers the power to search your catalogue and quickly find or navigate to the products they are looking for.


Archive Search

Create a complete archive of all your catalogues and content that is fully indexed and searchable by prospective customers.



User Annotations

Give customers the power to annotate your digital catalogue and personalise it for their own reading needs.


Content Bookmarking

Let customers bookmark pages and products, so they can quickly and easily navigate back to them at a later date.


Navigation Menu

Create an interactive menu in the toolbar so customers can navigate your online catalogue at speed with minimal effort.


Social Sharing Buttons

Make it easy for customers to share your catalogue with friends, colleagues & followers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, & more.


Download for Offline Access

Let customers the ability to download a PDF version of your digital catalogue, so they can access it at a time to suit them.


Email Your Catalogue

Give customers the ability to easily share your catalogue via email, direct from the YUDU Publisher toolbar.

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