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YUDU Publisher

Digital Textbook App & Education Publishing Platform Features

Discover how YUDU Publisher lets you create digital textbooks and resources to help you control your distribution, create interactive content and improve learning outcomes.



App-Based Access

Create a textbook app to give students and teachers mobile access to all your textbooks and resources, available for iOS or Android.


Web Browser Access

Readers can access your digital textbooks and resources via any modern web browser - Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, & Opera


Multi-Device Access

Offer readers access to your online textbooks and resources with any internet-connected smartphone, tablet or desktop device.


Content Delivery Networks

Deliver content-rich textbooks and resources in seconds through our content delivery networks. Even when experiencing traffic spikes or DDoS attacks.


Textbook & Resources Library

Provide students and teachers a centralised portal to view, purchase and access all your digital textbooks and resources.


Control Content Access

Protect your textbooks and resources with robust login and device access controls. Handled by our built-in digital rights management system.



Plain Text Version

Create a plain text version of your textbooks and resources during conversion, which you can edit to become AAA WCAG 1.0 accessible


Screen Reader Compatibility

YUDU Publisher offers screen reader compatibility - so you can offer access to your textbooks and resources for those with visual impairments.


Dynamically Change Text Size

Students and teachers can easily adjust the text font size for improved readability in line with their needs, using PhoneView technology.


Keyboard Shortcuts for Magazine Navigation

Offer simple access to content for students and teachers with visual & motor impairments using keyboard shortcuts for navigation.



Built-in Analytics

Discover how users are finding and engaging with your digital textbooks, ebooks, resources and samples via our built-in analytics software.


Google Analytics Integration

Extend the power of Google Analytics to your digital textbooks - see how your sales team are making the most of samples, pitch decks and catalogues.



Fully Branded Interface

Add your branding to your textbook delivery platform and app for a consistent look and feel, helping leverage existing brand trust.


Custom Domain Hosting

Deliver the full functionality of YUDU Publisher for your online textbooks and teaching resources on any domain or subdomain.



Fixed-Layout Print Reproducation

Create a replica of your print textbooks and resources in the digital realm with fixed-layout print reproduction. Ready to be enhanced with the YUDU Overlay Editor.


Fully Reflowable

Ensure your online textbooks and resources look amazing on any device with the addition of reflowable HTML. Allowing your content to easily reshape in relation to screen size.


Mobile-First Design with PhoneView

Offer students and teachers your textbooks and resources exclusively designed and optimised for consumption with a smartphone or tablet device.


Create Assests Designed for Digital

Create textbook and teaching resources designed for mobile and tablet consumption. Built from scratch in the YUDU Publisher platform.

Digital Textbook App


iOS and Android Compatible

Give readers smartphone and tablet access to your digital textbooks and resources by creating your very own iOS and Android apps.


Include Textbook Subscription Forms

Drive textbook subscriptions direct from your mobile app with an integrated subscription sign up form.


Mobile App Push Notifications

Alert students and teachers to new releases with the power of mobile app push notifications to drive continuing content consumption.


Offline Textbook Access

Give app users the ability to read anytime, anywhere with offline access to your complete library of digital textbooks and resources.


Create a Library of Digital Content

Give your students and teachers a central hub to access your complete library of content direct from their mobile device.


Custom Navigation Screens

Create custom navigation pages to help your audience easily find the different types of content they're looking for.



Content Hyperlinking

Offer students and teachers ease of navigation with content hyperlinking within the textbook and resources on external websites.


Embed Interactive Content

Drive digital textbook engagement by adding interactive content like animations, video and more through embeddable iframes.


Create Interactive Pop-up Content

Focus reader attention and offer interactive experiences using content pop-ups that can include animation, images, video, and more.


Embed Video Content

Bring your textbooks and resources to life with video. Embed videos directly from YouTube and Vimeo, or host them on the YUDU platform.


Traditional Page Turning Experience

Offer students and teachers the traditional print experience of turning pages, recreated in the digital realm complete with sound effects.


In-app Browser

YUDU's in-app browser makes it easy for readers to view supplementary content from external websites without leaving your digital textbook.

Learning Outcomes


Content Highlighting & Note-taking

Students can add notes & highlight content directly within your digital textbooks to aid learning. These annotations can sync across multiple devices.


Interactive Teaching Resources

Teaching resources can be enhanced with interactive content like videos and interactive diagrams to enrich the learning experience.


Support Multiple Learning Styles

Enhance your digital textbooks with video, audio and animations to cover multiple learning styles for improved comprehension of teaching content.


Accelerate Lesson Planning

Help teachers accelerate their lesson planning with interactive resources enriched with pop-up guidance and links to supporting materials.


Embeddable Testing

Measure student comprehension with interactive tests embedded directly into your digital textbooks from software such as Articulate.



Showcase with Free Samples

Use the platform to showcase your textbooks to prospective schools with free samples and time limited access improving the sales experience.


Create a Product Catalogue

The app lets you market new textbook and resource releases through a digital catalogue for increased awareness to drive additional purchases.


Add Remarketing Tags

Add remarketing tags to samples to retarget readers with display adaverts. Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter compatible.



Advanced Search

Add the power of search to your digital textbooks and resources. Students and teachers can find and navigate content faster for improved learning.


Archive Search

Give students and teachers the ability to search and explore your complete online textbook and resource archive using keywords.

Subscription Management


Access Control for Premium Content

Apply settings across your free samples and premium content to manage student and teacher access to your content.


API Integration with Third Party Platforms

Use our fully featured API to integrate and sync with your subscription management system for easy access control.


Built-in Subscription Management System

Easily manage subscribers and control device access with YUDU Publisher's built-in subscription management system.


Migration Support Service

We'll simplify your transition from an existing publishing platform with our expert migration support service.



User Annotations

Students and teachers can add annotations directly within your textbooks and resources to create a new dimension to engagement.


Content Bookmarking

Students and teachers can bookmark content to quickly and easily return to their last reading point, or revisit a chapter.


Interactive Navigation Menu

Create an interactive menu in the toolbar allowing students and teachers to navigate your textbooks and resources quickly and easily.


Sharing Tools

Support the learning feedback loop by making it easy for students and teachers to exchange screenshots and links via email.


Download to PDF for Offline Access

Let students and teachers download a PDF version of your browser based materials, allowing access at a time to suit them.

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