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Digital Textbook Case Study

Garnet Education

Garnet Education needed a way of bringing their excellent ELT textbooks onto tablets and smartphones easily and simply.


In the digital age, forward-thinking academic institutions look to publishers for educational materials that combine quality content with an interactive experience. Garnet Education, a premier publisher of English Language Teaching (ELT) materials, quickly and cost-effectively met the demand for this interactive digital experience using YUDU.

The challenge

For years, Garnet Education’s ELT line has been the preferred choice of universities and English language institutions in the Arab world. In 2012, several of Garnet’s best university clients announced they were switching from paper books to digital delivery and asked for interactive digital editions of Garnet’s products.

Garnet immediately began to research a medium and method for digitizing ELT content and distributing it to the Middle East. The research team quickly learned that some digital publishing platforms provided a poor user experience while others were limited by device operating system or the markets in which they could distribute content.

Garnet, however, sells ELT materials to both institutions and individual students who could use a variety of devices. Therefore, Garnet needed to be able to deliver content to web browsers and desktops along with mobile devices running iOS, Android or Windows 8.

The solution

After testing and reviewing multiple publishing platforms, Garnet chose YUDU to digitize and distribute its books. On the publishing side, YUDU’s easy-to-use interface made it simple to begin digitizing lots of titles in time for the next academic year. Garnet’s ebooks now deliver an interactive experience with digital exercises, videos and audio clips.

On the distribution side, YUDU offered full compatibility with desktop, iOS, Android and Windows Surface Pro devices. YUDU seamlessly integrated with Garnet’s website and ecommerce platform, allowing the publisher to sell directly to students and teachers. A secure authentication system ensures that only paying institutions, faculty and students can download the materials.

Garnet now has the ability to instantly deliver ELT materials to classrooms anywhere in the world and Garnet’s key clients in the Middle East will be able to leverage the convenience, interactivity and cost-efficiency of a digital education.